Reclaiming Diasporicity Conference

What: This workshop brings scholars of Sikh and South Asian studies from across the disciplines to explore new ways of reimagining single ‘diasporicity’ and further expand the conceptual toolbox with which to refine and redeploy the notion of diaspora beyond its function as a sociological descriptor.

The purpose of the conference is to reconsider our understanding of the “diasporic”as emergent subjectivity, or as articulating a form of life with the impulse and capacity to create alternative modes of becoming and being through lived experiences, rather than merely being subject to the kind of binaries that mark conventional notions of diaspora.

Location and Date: University of Michigan, September 29–30, 2018

Link: Reclaiming Diasporicity Conference


Arvind-Pal S. Mandair
Associate Professor of Sikh Studies

Philosophy/Religion/Postcolonial Theory/Sikh Studies/South Asian Studies

Phone: 734.763.6307
Office: 202 South Thayer Street
Office 6155
Ann Arbor, MI 48104-1608

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