Sikh Mysticism

What: The purpose of this workshop is to explore the possibilities of developing a Sikh ethics for the contemporary era. Treatments of Sikh ethics have been limited mainly to the history and practical applications of the Khalsa rahit traditions or . While a knowledge of these traditions are clearly important, this workshop aims to provide an integrative over-view of what a contemporary Sikh ethics might look like. Participants will be asked to address issues which are currently of global concern in order: (i) to clarify the currently extant Sikh perspective(s) in relation to their histories, (ii) to re-envisage Sikh perspectives that currently appear inadequate or are insufficiently worked out in relation to specific issues; (iii) to make Sikh ethics more readily available to national and global policy making as well as a global public. Wherever possible participants should aim to look at historical materials, scriptural texts and the work of key individuals in order to work out how issues might work out in practice among Sikhs whose adherence may be at various levels. The aim of the workshop is to publish a much needed text on Sikh ethics that speaks to the concerns of policy makers, researchers and students, teachers and, of course, ordinary Sikhs.

Location and Date: Hofstra University, New York. June 3-4, 2006

Link: Sikh Mysticism


Arvind-Pal S. Mandair
Professor, Asian Languages and Cultures 

Tara Singh & Balwant Kaur Chattha, Gurbax Singh & Kirpal Kaur Brar Professor of Sikh Studies

Philosophy/Religion/Postcolonial Theory/Sikh Studies/South Asian Studies

Office: 202 South Thayer Street
Office 6016
Ann Arbor, MI 48104-1608

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