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Welcome and thank you for visiting my digital home! By way of introduction my name is Arvind-Pal S. Mandair and I teach at the University of Michigan in the department of Asian Languages and Cultures. My research and teaching interests include cross-cultural philosophy, consciousness studies, religion and spirituality and politics, especially in their applications to Sikh and South Asian studies.

This website is for purely academic and educational purposes. I created this website to share news and information about my research publications, the classes I’m teaching and public lectures. It is also home to some of my major projects, in particular, the journal I run (Sikh Formations), as well as my blog and podcast activity.

Check out my latest book, Sikh Philosophy!

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Thoughts On The January 6th American Insurrection

Watching the nearly uninterrupted attempts for violence by a swarm of Trump rioters at Capitol Hill, I found myself shocked. The images of some Capitol Hill officers opening the gates for frenzied protesters to go in or taking selfies with a few of the rioters, flash news reports of a bombs being discovered at the RNC and DNC headquarters, rioters bringing in zip ties to presumably tie up…

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Syllabus Notes: Updating My Race, Caste & Religion Course

So it seems you decided to teach AS334 (Race, Religion, and Caste in India and America) again in WN21? In our earlier conversation from March 2020, you talked a little bit about this course but you weren’t thinking of teaching it until FA21—at least not until the pandemic might (hopefully) be under control and universities could begin returning to in-person teaching. So what…

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Exploring Consciousness II: The Secular/Religious Dichotomy And Consciousness Studies

So for this next exchange (see our first post here!), I think it would be appropriate to begin bridging two seemingly disparate parts of your studies. When we first met, I knew you exclusively for your work on the precarious and fickle divide between the secular and the religious; in fact, it was this specialty…

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